Bob Rychlik Brings Czechoslovakian Music to Naperville

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Thanks to Naperville’s sister cities, a one-of-a-kind instrument made its’ way to town, all the way from Naperville’s sister city, Nitra Slovakia.

The six-foot-tall, wooden fujara is a traditional Slovakian instrument with a rich history. Slovakia native Bob Rychlik came to Naperville to spread the music and story of the instrument, with our local students at Kennedy Junior High, Neuqua Valley, Metea Valley and Naperville North.

It wasn’t just the fujara that was showcased: there were several unique, foreign instruments on hand. Rychlik also shared his own personal story of living in communist Czechoslovakia, and his difficulties in leaving.

In 1984, his family took the life-threatening risk of deserting the communist country, with hopes of settling in America, as they now have. He hopes both his music and story resonates with the students.

“I hope that they will see that struggle for freedom. There are still countries where, the situation is not improved and they should really appreciate where they are, and really appreciate this country, and try to make it better, because it can always be better,” said Rychlik

Bob is also sharing his story and music at TEDx Naperville this year.

Naperville News 17’s Kailee Santoro and Ryan Skryd report.