Breaking Down DuPage County’s 2020 Budget

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DuPage County’s 2020 balanced budget comes in at $476 million, with a $183.9 million General Revenue Fund.

County Board Chairman Dan Cronin presented the numbers at a recent meeting, and highlighted some areas where funds will be allocated.

Where to Spend

“My budget proposal dedicates resources to make one-time, significant investments in systems and technology that will ensure better delivery of county services,” explained Chairman Cronin.

County Clerk Funding

Those services include providing the County Clerk with electric poll books to improve voting wait times, and increasing the clerk’s budget for next year’s presidential election.

Yet many at public comment wanted to see more election improvements included in the budget.

“You cannot expect the election division to continue their work with broken down, hand-me-down equipment,” said Becky Simon, representing the League of Women Voters Naperville. “The seven of DuPage’s League of Women Voters groups encourage you to fully fund the County Clerk’s request for elections.”

The budget would also fund a study to research the potential savings from merging the County Clerk’s Office with the Recorder’s Office.

Additional Funding

Other money would go to the DuPage County Sheriff’s Office so it can increase its staff and continue funding its state-of-the-art crime lab. It would also go toward replacing the 40-year-old Real Estate Tax Administration System, restoring the Human Service Grant Fund, and providing $100,000 to the Heroin-Opioid Prevention and Education, or HOPE, Taskforce.

Paying for it All

“How will we pay for these proposals? To provide adequate and sustainable funding for our community’s needs moving forward, in fiscal year 2020, I propose a minor adjustment to our Property Tax Levy, covering the rate of inflation and accounting for new growth within the county,” said Chairman Cronin.

That adjustment to the Property Tax Levy is from $66.9 million to $68.8 million – a difference of less than $2 million.

“To the average owner of a $250,000 house, this signifies a change of less than $4 yearly,” he added.

A Look Ahead

The board will consider the budget until it’s expected vote on November 26.

The 2020 fiscal year begins on December 1.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.