Celebrating Fifth Graders with a Clap Out

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Fifth Grade Clap Out

It’s official! Prairie Elementary School clapped out for their fifth graders today to celebrate their move to junior high.

“This is the longest place that many of the kids spend their education, they’re here six years a lot of our students,” said Principal Brian Zallis. “So I think it’s just a nice way to recognize their accomplishments to celebrate the great work that they’ve done while they’re here.”

As they walked out to cheers, it was a happy and emotional time for everyone.

High School Clap Out

Returning high school seniors took the lead dressed in their caps and gowns, bringing their education full circle.

This is the first time Prairie has done a clap out and the event coincides with the school’s 50th anniversary. They hope to continue doing it every year.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.