City of Naperville to change recycling cart providers

City of Naperville recycling bin sitting in driveway of home
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The City of Naperville is making a change to its recycling cart program, switching providers to the company that currently supplies refuse carts to residents.

Recycling cart change comes with end to current provider contract 

The change was noted in a manager’s memorandum from Dick Dublinski, the Director of Public Works for the City of Naperville. 

It comes as the city’s contract with current provider, Cascade Engineering, is ending in April 2024. Dublinski said the Department of Public Works took a look at factors like ease of inventory control and cart quality when considering whether to proceed with the same supplier.

The mandatory recycling program was launched in 2015, with all residents at that time being given a recycling cart. The DPW noted that the majority of those carts are about to reach the end of their ten-year warranty at the end of the year, which also played a factor in their decision to switch providers.

New recycling carts should be more durable, help standardize sizing and pricing

Otto Environmental will be the city’s new supplier for recycling carts. It’s the same company currently used by the city to purchase refuse carts, enabling the new carts to be bought through a cooperative purchase.

The DPW noted that they’ve found the refuse carts to be sturdier and more durable than the current recycling carts. Additionally, under the current scenario of having two different providers for each, the refuse carts and recycling carts are two different sizes and have different costs. Moving to one single provider for both will help standardize both sizing and pricing, Dublinski said in his memo.

Three cart sizes available

Under the new provider, there will be three different carts at varying costs: a 95-gallon cart for $63, a 68-gallon cart for $57, or a 35-gallon cart for $43.

The new recycling carts will be green with a blue lid. This will help set them apart from the refuse carts, which are all green. 

The city noted that residents who currently have blue carts do not need to switch to the new carts. More information about the changes to the program will be provided to residents through the city’s communication department.

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