City to Hold Meeting for Potential Nichols Library Parking Deck

City to Hold Meeting for Potential Nichols Library Parking Deck
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Nichols Parking Deck Meeting

The City of Naperville will hold a public meeting next week to receive comments on the potential construction of a new parking deck adjacent to Nichols Library. A parking deck was originally planned in the Downtown Naperville location in 2005.

Former Design

The City of Naperville came up with a design that was nearly completed at that time with input from the public and various stakeholders. That final design included four levels of parking with over 500 spaces, multiple entrances, and a book drop. Due to the economic recession and other parking facilities that were underway, the Nichols Library Parking Deck Project was halted in 2008.

Revisiting The Project

At a Naperville Public Library Board meeting in January of this year, the topic was revisited. Andy Hynes, project engineer for the city’s Transportation Engineering and Development gave the board a presentation of what the parking deck project might look like. 

Dave Della Terza, the library’s executive director, agreed that exploring the topic was worthwhile, due to the large number of comments the library receives about parking issues.

“Every single time we do a customer satisfaction survey, the number one thing that people say is parking at Nichols is really bad. Parking at Nichols is really bad. I hate parking at Nichols. We just did a website survey where we said, ‘What do you think of our website?’ Two of the comments were parking at Nichols is really bad, which has nothing to do with the website,” said Della Terza.

Meeting Information

The meeting will be held in the Nichols Library Community room from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on March 8. Anyone interested is encouraged to attend and provide feedback at the open house format event.

Information and exhibits presented during the meeting will also be available on the city’s website. For questions or comments about the public meeting or the Nichols Parking Deck Project, you can contact Project Engineer Andy Hynes at 630-548-2958.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.

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photo courtesy: City of Naperville