Civil War Days at Naper Settlement

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Civil War Days took over Naper Settlement this weekend and today it ended with a bang.

From Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee, to artisans and musicians. Civil War Days brought out hundreds of re-enactors with a passion for their historical hobby, teaching others while getting a lot out of it themselves.

“I am a disabled veteran. I suffer from PTSD and when I do this I get into a different life. It’s very therapeutic for me, I really enjoy doing it,” said Tom Peacock, who has been portraying General George Custer for 18 years.

For attendees, Civil War Days is a way to learn a bit of history without a textbook.

“I like it. I wish that history class in school was like this,” said attendee Mason, 10.

The weekend event had interactive learning with re-enactors and educators, a reenacted battle between the North and South, and even shops that sold traditional products.

“And you come to talk to sellers like myself, I’m actually one of the artisans, I make all of my own products. So I get to share with people how they’re made and we can’t loose this knowledge so it’s nice to be able to talk to people and make it more interesting for them,” said Laura Zielinski, owner of Dragonfly Soap Works.

The annual tradition of teaching the turbulent history of our country right here in Naperville.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.