Community Forum Addresses Addiction, Mental Health Concerns

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The Naperville Police Department is partnering with the faith community to bring awareness to addiction and mental health issues.

More than 75 people attended a meeting hosted by Good Shepherd Church’s Mental Health Ministry to learn more about two of the department’s efforts: Connect for Life and the Crisis Intervention Team.

Speakers implored attendees to become involved and help connect people they know who need help.

They say police cannot arrest the way out of the issue and more than 20 percent of the American adult population has a diagnosed mental illness.

“So where we think a faith community can be involved is helping to break the stigma. That’s the goal: to break the stigma. People are afraid to talk about it. They want to hide it in their family. They may be ashamed of it. But if there’s one in five, it may be, unfortunately, very normal,” said Kenn Miller, a Good Shepherd Church member.

Miller said anyone interested in partnering should contact the Mental Health Awareness Ministry to find out how to help.

Naperville News 17’s Beth Bria reports.