Cosley Zoo Ready for Reopening

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After more than three months, Cosley Zoo is back open and ready for visitors.

New Zoo Safety Guidelines

But your zoo experience might seem a little different with new safety restrictions.

“Our highest priority in our reopening and developing our plan is to keep our visitors safe as well as staff and the animals,” said Cosley Zoo Director Sue Wahlgren.

Online Ticket Reservations

To do that, visitors will need to reserve timed-entry tickets online prior to arrival. Only a certain number of guests will be allowed in for each time slot.

“You have to go to and reserve your tickets,” said Wahlgren. “They are in 15-minute increments and then you have about an hour to visit the zoo. Now, if someone’s here a little bit longer, that’s okay, but they are approximately for an hour visit.”

Other precautions include a one-way path through the zoo, a facemask requirement when social distancing can’t be maintained, and the closing of certain spots like the children’s play areas and gift shop.

Soft Opening Monday

That wasn’t a problem for the zoo’s soft opening on Monday for members and donors.

“Quite honestly, I love it. It’s a great thing – the signs on the ground so you know where to walk and tons of hand washing stations,” said Theresa Nelis, who was there to celebrate her daughter Bridget’s 16th birthday.

Cosley Zoo opens to the rest of the public on July 8, when you can see all your favorite animals out on display – and hopefully staying cool in the summer heat!

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.


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