Council Could Prohibit Short-Term Rentals, For Now

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Short-term rentals like Airbnbs and Vrbos could be checking out of Naperville for up to six months.

Prohibiting Short-Term Rentals

Naperville City Council last night voted unanimously to bring back an ordinance that would prohibit short-term rental properties from the city.

The action came after months of complaints and discussion, much of it revolving around one property on Santa Maria Drive described as a “party house.”

“It is clearly in my view a problem over on Santa Maria,” said Mayor Steve Chirico.

One Property At the Center of Discussion

Thirty public commenters spoke on the issue, including neighbors of the Santa Maria property and other short-term rental property owners.

The ordinance will also ask city staff to bring a report and revised ordinance back to council chambers within 180 days to revisit the issue.

“I think we need to turn off this use until we can regulate it in an effective and proper way,” said Councilman Kevin Coyne. “I don’t see that as being a permanent ban on Airbnb in the short term. I would view that as temporary until we can get this kind of use under control.”

Ordinance Already Proposed

Staff prepared an ordinance for last night’s meeting, which would require owners to live at their short-term rental for at least six months of the year, established maximum occupancies, and set other requirements. Some of those regulations could make up the final ordinance.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.


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