Council Sticks With Ryan Companies For 5th Avenue

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Naperville City Council approved Ryan Companies to continue evaluating the 5th Avenue property for redevelopment for another two months.

The Minneapolis-based firm presented the findings from surveys distributed to Naperville residents.

The presentation done by Jeff Andreason, president of aQity Research and Insights, showed residents prioritize additional parking and green space.

The surveys also indicated residents’ preferred height limits for the proposed buildings.

“The threshold overall, across the six different lots was somewhere along four stories, understanding that at specific lots, it was closer to two stories,” said Andreason.

Many public speakers at the meeting reiterated that sentiment.

“The results showed very clearly, and as it’s been stated before, people really want to keep this to four stories or less,” said Naperville resident Dan Dodge.

However, Jim McDonald, Ryan Companies senior vice president of real estate development said it would be difficult to fit everything the city has planned for the development into four story buildings on every lot.

“So we’re setting those limits and we’re just going to have to balance that and try and do it in a way that’s respectful of the neighborhood, respectful of that, “Hey we don’t want to see more than four stories,” said McDonald. “No promises, but we clearly understand what the expectation is and if we have to exceed it, we’ll keep that close to the tracks, keep it close to Washington.”

And though a developer has not yet been chosen, McDonald indicated Ryan Companies is prepared to start drawing up designs for the property should council give them the project. Council could do so at the next workshop on July 9.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.