Council Updates Naperville Mission Statement

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In response to recent incidents of racism, Naperville City Council made a change to the city’s mission statement.

New Mission Statement

The new statement will read:

“To provide services that ensure a high quality of life, sound fiscal management, and a dynamic business environment, while creating an inclusive community that values diversity.”

Why Change It Now?

Council felt including language around diversity and inclusion would send a message that the city is serious about addressing these incidents.

“We’re talking it and we’re putting it into words, so the next step is what are we doing about it? You need to be thinking, what are we going to do to show that we’re meeting these types of things, so it’s not just a bunch of words on the paper?” said Councilman Dr. Benny White.

Though one speaker asked the item to be tabled so the public could provide input, some on the dais felt making the change now was important.

“If we wait too long, my fear is I don’t want it to be seen that we’re not addressing it with the speed and the seriousness that we should be,” said Councilman Patrick Kelly.

Council unanimously agreed on the change by a vote of 8-0.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.