D204 Rang In the New School Year At Brookdale Elementary

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This morning Indian Prairie School District 204 rang in the new school year at Brookdale Elementary.

Why Ring A Bell?

Staff from Brookdale Elementary and the district’s Superintendent Dr. Adrian Talley carried on the legacy left behind from the school’s former principal Chuck Seidel, who started the tradition of ringing the tower bell to signal the first day of school.

“I will say this often when we have great schools we have great communities,” said Talley. “I think Chuck really focused on having a great school to support his community, and I wish I had known him.”

Talley said he’s met all the principals in the district in an effort to build a relationship with them.

Starting Remote

This year will look different, as District 204 will start school remotely, at least until the end of October. But one thing that has remained the same is the energy teachers are known for.

“All the excitement comes from the great leadership here that’s kind of started off from day one when we came back to be excited and not focusing on the struggles that we have facing this new adventure,” said Colin Rust, a 4th grade teacher.

Take Chances

Leading the excitement and the Bobcats is their new principal Keeley Schmid. She and the rest of the Brookdale staff have a new theme this year, “Taking Chances”.

“The whole idea is encouraging staff to take chances to take opportunities,” said Schmid. “We’re going into uncharted waters. Our big quote on the back of our t-shirts says that our excitement is greater than my fear. We all are a little scared to try something new, but we’ve all signed our fishing net here as a pledge that we’re all going to take chances and we’re going to take opportunities.”

And like Schimd’s sparklingly blue shoes, this school year will be one to remember.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.


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