DeEtta’s Old Fashioned Flavor

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Fried, dipped and delicious. These doughnuts are not only appetizing, but also award winning, taking home the top prize for judge’s choice at the 5th annual Donut Fest in Chicago.

“We were really, really excited about that. It’s not something we anticipated winning but we were pleasantly surprised,” said Owner of DeEtta’s Bakery, Kevin Tyschper.

Named the ‘chocolate sour cream old fashioned,’ this doughnut is a staple on DeEtta’s shelves.

“It’s a really, really moist donut. So it is a cake donut, but has a really, really great texture with that addition with that sour cream kind of base in there and gives it a really, really moist flavor to it that is a little bit different that a traditional cake donut,” said Tyschper.

To create these prized pastries, DeEtta’s makes a secret combination of flour, sugar and sweetness, and mixes it all together.

Then the batter goes into the Doughnut Depositor and is hand cranked into the fryer, 32 at a time.

After a few minutes of frying, they’re good to glaze.

“Those get glazed while they’re hot, because we want the glaze to almost melt back onto the doughnut with a hot doughnut,” said Tyschper.

And now for the best part, eating!

“It has a great, great chocolate flavor to it. It’s a unique shape, that old fashioned gets that type of cracked look to it, with the glaze,” said Tyschper.

A sweet treat you can take a bite out of, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Naperville News 17’s Evan Summers reports.