“Desert Doc” and Naperville Central alum Dr. Sudip Bose talks docuseries

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Naperville Central High School alum Dr. Sudip Bose returned to his alma mater on Monday to discuss his Amazon Prime Video documentary series “Desert Doc”.

What is “Desert Doc”?

“The documentary was produced by Emmy Award-winning producers, and it’s interesting because it sheds light and unveils the curtain on emergency medicine in the United States. So this is not a reenactment, it’s not dramatized, it’s actually what goes on in an emergency room,” said Dr. Sudip Bose, Emergency Medicine Physician at Medical Center Hospital.

The series follows Dr. Bose at the Medical Center Hospital in Odessa, Texas. Viewers get to see him treat numerous patients in different types of incidents including car crashes, oil field accidents, and shootings. 

“That hospital system I’m in covers 38,000 square miles of land. So we’re talking 22 counties, we’re talking an area the size of Maine,” said Dr. Bose.

Providing medical treatment to Saddam Hussein

He also discusses his time with the U.S. Army as a battalion surgeon serving during the Iraq War. One unforgettable moment…providing treatment to former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

“I was called upon to provide medical care to Saddam Hussein and in that experience, I actually dove back to a lot of the concepts I learned here in Naperville by teachers and coaches who taught me how to remain calm, how to persevere, and how to do your duty and do your job,” said Dr. Bose.

Dr. Sudip Bose speaks at Naperville Central High School

After viewing an episode of the documentary, Dr. Bose answered students’ questions about health care, medical stories, and life advice.

“You’re gonna have failures and you can’t just quit, right? You got to just keep going and there are no do-overs, so you just do the best you can and roll with the punches,” said Dr. Bose. “You gotta just try hard, try your best, and your moments will come.”

Dr. Bose credits his Naperville roots as the building blocks for his success and believes they will similarly benefit the students.

“I’m very grateful to the Naperville community. I believe that future leaders for our country and the world are going to come from Naperville, and from the education we gain here,” said Dr. Bose.

As for what he hopes “Desert Doc” viewers take from the series…

“We have one vehicle to make it through this journey called life, and that’s our human body. We need to seize control of our health, and I’m hoping “Desert Doc” will help us do that by understanding what it’s like on the frontlines of a healthcare system,” said Dr. Bose.

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