Dilly Bar Fundraiser Makes Big Impact

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Cold weather and rain didn’t stop 300 supporters from giving back to a local fundraiser with a lot of heart.

Karen Moloney, owner of the Dairy Queen on Wehrli Road, has been fundraising for teen suicide prevention and awareness since her employee Jonathon Kaden lost his life by suicide in 2011.

This year, Moloney was diagnosed with cancer and she needed help. Three women stepped up and organized the Dilly Bar Fundraiser to honor Moloney and benefit her cause.

“Honestly what I love about this is that it is really an uprising in the community,” said co-organizer of the event, Judy Koziol. “I mean a few people had to organize but it’s really everywhere we turn everyone was up for it, happy to be part of it, and that’s what we want Karen to feel.”

Performances by a Naperville Central High School choir and local singer Hannah Chaet embodied the message the day.

A representative of the suicide prevention group Hope for the Day spoke to the crowd about the topic.

“That we can take a dilly bar and make that suicide prevention. We can take a cup of coffee and make that suicide prevention. But we can also take that opportunity to make that a beacon of hope, a reminder that we can get through this by talking about it,” said Jonny Boucher, founder of Hope for the Day.

Speakers also included WGN’s Tom Skilling who gave some kind words, and Mayor Steve Chirico who named today, November 12, as Karen Moloney Day.

“Let’s just keep talking to each other,” said Moloney at the podium. “Let’s say, ‘I’m having a bad day.’ Let’s not forget anymore. And Jonathan, you are in my thoughts almost every day, I love you.”

A sweet treat that’s making a big impact.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.