Dino Safari Takes Over Aurora’s Fox Valley Mall

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Dinosaurs have take over Aurora’s Fox Valley Mall! Imagine Exhibitions’ Dino Safari takes visitors 230 million years back in time.

“So the audio tour drives you through Pangea, which was when the world was one land mass and the continents haven’t separated yet,” said Dino Safari’s General Manager Seth Dennis. “It explains which dinosaurs would have come from what areas, what they would’ve been eating, [and] who their enemies would’ve been.”

Dennis said the 40-minute drive thru tour features over 40 dinosaurs, including an audio fight between the legendary T-Rex and the spinosaurus.

Aside from serving as entertainment, the dino drive-thru event also hopes to educate community members about the land before time.

Fun & Informative Event

Dino Safari has worked with paleontologists to accurately create the full-size dinosaurs. From their eyes, teeth, size, color, skin, and heck even the sounds community members gain a real-world feel for dinosaurs.

“We definitely want it to be a fun event, and because it is a museum quality exhibit there is a lot of information there,” said Dennis. “There’s a lot of information to learn, but we do that in the most infotainment method possible.”

Ribbon Cutting

Aurora’s Mayor Richard Irvin was onsite for Dino Safari’s opening and held a ribbon cutting.

“I guess today we are putting the roar, back into Aurora,” said Irvin. “I love that. I look forward to the thousands of visitors that will come participate in this exhibit.”

More Outdoor Fox Valley Mall Events To Come

Dino Safari will be just one of the many outdoor events that will come to the Fox Valley Mall this year.

“As the state lifts restrictions you’ll see other activities come back, whether it be carnivals or we’re even talking about a major drive-thru holiday light show here as well,” said Senior General Manager of the Fox Valley Mall Scott Samson. “The outside of the mall is just as important as the inside.”

Tickets are available on Dino Safari’s website.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.


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