District 203 Budget Breakdown

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Naperville School District 203 has released its tentative budget for the fiscal year 2018-2019.

Also on the rise for the district is funding from the state. District 203 foresees about a 14 percent increase in state funding from last year. That’s with the help of the state’s new evidence-based funding model.

Though revenue is increasing, expenditures are slightly down. The total budget expenditures are projected to be roughly $275 million, a slight decrease from last year by 0.8 percent.

About 77 percent of total expenditures are on personal costs, making it the largest budget item. Some staffing changes are to come, with the hiring of a Director of Equity and Inclusion, a Director of Safety and Security, early childhood teachers, a social worker, and other educators to help with the district-wide goal of closing the achievement gap.

Looking ahead, student enrollment is projected to stay the same or slightly decline over the next five years. While middle and high school are where that decline is expected, elementary schools should see an increase in enrollment.

The tentative budget also notes the district’s labor agreements are currently in negotiations on contracts with Naperville Education Support Professionals Association and with Naperville Unity Maintenance Association.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.