District 203’s 2016 Recap

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District 203 saw many changes in 2016, starting with the switch from the ACT to the SAT.

Then came the resignation of one of its board members. After thirteen years on the board, vice president Suzyn Price decided to step down in late spring.

“As I’ve said before, the crux of this issue is we’ve been together too long. We’ve accomplished so many things for which we’re rightly proud of and our relationships affect the school district, so it’s time for new energy, new ideas, new chemistry,” said Price.

The board selected resident and parent Charles Cush to replace her.

203 also saw changes in the classroom, as the Digital Learning Initiative expanded to the Junior Highs and schools began remodeling their libraries into Learning Commons, starting with Naperville North.

“A Learning Commons is a little bit different than a traditional library in that a learning commons is focused on a number of different activities. The big tenants of the learning commons is that it’s the place for collaboration, communication and creativity to really be housed in one area,” said Naperville North’s Learning Commons Director, Mark Skarr.

Eventually all schools in 203 will transition to this new model.

Naperville News 17’s Evan Summers reports.