District 203’s 2018 EdTech Google Summit

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Technology is always changing, so District 203 hosted another Google Summit this year to keep its teachers learning.

Last school year was the first time District 203 had digital devices present all the way from K-12.

To build on the digital education skills teachers are using now, 203 brought in the EdTechTeam, an official Google partner, to lead the two day event.

“We provide opportunities like that so they can learn, come back with ready relevant, ready to use tools, to bring them into the classroom from day one,” said Jill Hlavacek, director of innovation and learning for District 203.

The summit featured information about Google Apps for Education, a keynote speaker, and breakout sessions about new technology.

“As a learning support coach it’s not just about how well I know our curriculum but also how well I know all the tools out there for teachers to use so they can help out their students,” said David Pittman, a learning support coach at Highland Elementary School.

Over 200 teachers from 203 and neighboring school districts attended the summit.

Naperville News 17’s Blane Erwin reports.