District 204 Plans More Community Engagement

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The latest District 204 board meeting focused on community engagement.

The board approved a Community Engagement Program that will work as an ongoing model for collaboration and communication between the district and community.

This call to action would form a coalition of community members who would help the board determine district priorities and goals.

“Yes we’re elected, yes we need to make decisions based on what we perceive are community perceptions and priorities, but it’s better to have the input,” said Board Vice President, Justin Karubas. “I like the fact that it’s [the plan] open ended. Some of our suggestions are directions and guidance, but if the community wants to take it over here, let’s go over here.”

Prior to the general meeting, the board met in a special workshop to edit the draft for the community engagement program, and at the general meeting the draft for this charge was approved.

Also on the agenda – the tentative draft of the 2018 budget. With the current school funding formula up in the air at the state level, the board passed a tentative budget based on the state’s old model. The budget will need to be amended later this year, once the new model is signed into law.

District 204 starts classes on the 24th.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.