DuPage County Monitoring Potential Coronavirus Exposure

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Potential Coronavirus Exposure in DuPage

The DuPage County Health Department recently held a press conference to address concerns about potential coronavirus exposure in the county.

Karen Ayala, the executive director of the health department said they’re monitoring those who have traveled to Wuhan China, where the novel coronavirus originated in December, as well as DuPage residents who had contact with an Illinois woman who is confirmed to have the coronavirus.

“Rather than serve as a point of concern I would hope that this provide residents and our partners with a sense of reassurance that we’re taking active measures to prevent this disease,” said Ayala.

DuPage health officials did not say how many people they’re monitoring, but so far none have shown any symptoms for coronavirus.

Ayala estimated that the health department will most likely monitor more people in the coming weeks, but the risk of others contracting the virus is low if they have not traveled to Wuhan or have not had contact with those who have the coronavirus.

Watch Out For The Flu

What’s more likely to happen is residents catching the flu.

“We’ve had 32 cases of seasonal flu since last September and those are cases that have required intensive care or hospitalization. Of those we’ve had six deaths,” said Ayala.

Preventative Measures

Community members are urged to takes preventative measures like washing your hands and covering your mouth when you cough to avoid contracting the coronavirus or the flu.

The DuPage County Health Department said residents don’t need to change their daily lives, but the Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends avoiding travel to China.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.


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