Edward Elmhurst Completes $2 Million Cancer Center Renovation

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After over a year, Edward Elmhurst Health has now completed its $2 million renovation project on its Edward Cancer Center at the Naperville campus.

Edward staff, community members, and donors to the project gathered for a recent open house to check out the upgrades to the center.

“The cancer center was built here in 2005. It was built with a little bit of the future in mind but we kind of overgrew that future so we had to really renovate it. It’s gotten a little bit musty around the edges,” said Dr. Alex Hantel, the medical director for Oncology Services at Edward Elmhurst.

As part of a multi-phase expansion plan, the Edward Foundation raised funding for the improvements, which include 34 infusion bays, 16 exam rooms, and a larger, brighter waiting area.

“We actually had a patient group that met and we sought their opinion on what would be more comfortable. We wanted it to feel more like home for them when they’re here. So that was really what we were trying to do is create home-like atmosphere when they’re here,” explained Jenna Vangilder, the service line director at Edward Elmhurst.

A “Tribute to Hope” wall was another new addition to the space, which allows donors to purchase and place a message of encouragement to those going through treatment.

“Cancer is a messy business to have to deal with [so we try] to make it much more pleasant but [this] has really done amazing things for people,” added Dr. Hantel. “And I think the idea was also to really brighten it up and make it really a much more pleasant place.”

If you’re interested in donating toward oncology programs at Edward or purchasing a tile for the “Tribute to Hope” wall, you can do so on Edward Elmhurst Health’s website.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.