Edward Hospital “Plants” Daffodils for Discharged COVID-19 Patients

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Daffodils for Discharged COVID-19 Patients

Edward Hospital staff “planted” daffodils for discharged COVID-19 patients. The landscape of the hospital on Washington Street is blooming with the flowers that represent every coronavirus patient that is now healing at home.

As of this recording, 162 inpatients from Edward Hospital have been discharged.

“This is a really significant illness and so to be able to successfully have so many people get better and go home, it really is something to celebrate,” said Lynn Cochran, vice president of operations at Edward Hospital.

The gesture is a reminder to the public that there are people overcoming the virus.

Hope for Brighter Days

Two banners will also be placed in the lobbies of both Edward and Elmhurst hospital to show the total number of inpatients discharged.

Staff will add to the new garden and update the banners daily.

And starting tomorrow, all COVID-19 patients will receive a real daffodil and encouraging note as they head home – a way to grow hope for brighter days ahead.

Life for Healthcare Workers

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Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.


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