Electrical Safety Month in Naperville

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Electric hazards surround us everyday but many may not know just how serious the outcome could be.

John Flannery, a Training Specialist in the Safety Department with the City of Naperville explains using a demonstration table:

“You have power lines that feed your house, and you have underground and aboveground and in Naperville we have more underground with transformers or green boxes between properties,” said Flannery.

While safety is maintained when possible, in certain situations, when people get too close injury or even death could occur.

Most risks outside include being near downed power lines, digging near electric lines and coming too close to a transformer box that’s been compromised.

“Just one milliamp is just where we threshold feel the electricity. 75 milliamps is where we’re in the cardiac arrest area. We’re talking about 200 amps coming in and one amp would be when burning of the tissue starts to happen,” explained Flannery.

Similar dangers occur inside the home as well and can cause even more damage.

“Electrical related fires cause fatalities and property loss for homes and in business, so I think the more public awareness that’s out there can help stop these things from happening, said Karyn Charvat, Executive Director of PowerForward DuPage.

Space heaters are known for causing fires and should never be used with an extension cord or placed near other objects. Also never plug in a cord that’s been damaged or is showing signs of use.

Lastly, make sure young kids understand how electricity works and the danger that lies behind the power outlets.

“Kids younger and younger are having complete control over their electrical devices and the most thing that they’re concerned with is where is the outlet to charge said electrical device- they may not understand what’s happening when they plug it into that electrical outlet,” said Charvat.

And as the summer approaches a reminder that water can carry electrical currents and many boats and docks carry sources of electricity.

Naperville News 17’s Alyssa Bochenek reports.