Emily Giffin Returns to Naperville

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New York Times best selling author Emily Giffin returned to town recently to promote her newest book “All We Ever Wanted.”

“So a woman has to choose between how she really feels and protecting her own son,” explained Giffin.

The Naperville native graduated from Naperville North High School in 1990 and since has created a successful writing career. Giffin’s daughter Harriet even joins in on her mom’s tours around the country.

“I have definitely hidden a good many Naperville references in my books but I haven’t set any here,” said Giffin. “I did set one in Chicago but mostly I’ve set them in New York and London and Atlanta where I’ve lived as an adult. I have many fond memories. And many of my characters grew up from towns like Naperville. Similar middle class background, very wholesome town, and so I certainly get some inspiration from this town.”

On stage Giffin wasn’t alone, as actor Colin Egglesfield, who starred in the movie adaption of Giffin’s book “Something Borrowed,” joined as the moderator.

“I thought it was really fun. I didn’t know that Emily was so witty and funny and I really like their relationship too. It was fun to watch and to get to know her,” said attendee Rachel McMulty.

“I love ‘Something Borrowed’ and I had to get ‘Something Blue.’ It just kept going so I’ve read every book,” said attendee Lady May Busleta.

The pair entertained the over 300 audience members discussing everything from the royal wedding, relationships, and their careers.

“I just like hearing the backstory about how long it takes to write her books and what goes into it. And just hearing more about her life and the chemistry with her and her friends, seeing more of her personality in person,” added attendee Megan Hammond.

Giffin also revealed that her books are in the works of being turned into a television show in the coming years.

Giffin will continue her book tour through the rest of July with stops in California, Texas, and Canada.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.