Fire Department Trains for River Flood Rescues

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Water Rescue Training

The Naperville Fire Department is making sure they’re prepared for river flood rescues. The team took advantage of the high water levels last week to practice water rescues at the Naperville Riverwalk.

Water Team Coordinator for the Naperville Fire Department Chuck Gros warns that if you’re not trained, you can be caught unaware of how fast and far the water can take you. He shared a cautionary tale about a man who tipped over his canoe and couldn’t get back out on his own.

“This was multiple years ago – where he fell out of his canoe, he was able to hold onto the canoe and we responded to the call, we started looking for him. He traveled all the way to Bolingbrook before he could get out,” said Gros.

Staying Safe

But it’s not just keeping out of the water that’s important. Staying behind the caution tape is key.

“It is super easy to slip and get washed away really quickly with this water,” said Gros. “We want them to stay out of that river, we want them to stay safe, wait for the water to get down.”

Following this advice not only keeps you safe – it prevents rescue workers from having to go into harms way.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.