Free Online Game Provides Drug Prevention Education

Free Online Game Provides Drug Prevention Education
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Pixelation Adventures Game

Reflection Software and Candor Health Education have partnered up to create an interactive online game to educate students on the dangers of substance abuse and prevention methods available to use.

The free game, Pixelation Adventures, is part of a Drug Education Portal aimed toward students in seventh through twelfth grade. The story is “intentionally set” during freshman year of high school when kids are figuring out their own identity and face more peer pressure, according to Naperville resident Sean Nabors, co-founder of Reflection Software.

“If you look at just the power of those video game streamers out there on Twitch, there’s definitely a need for that kind of content,” said Nabors. “And hopefully we can use those techniques and partner with experts in the field to help communicate this content in a format that right now, to the best of our knowledge, kids want to see.”

To learn about what kids do want to see, the companies listened to student feedback while creating the media tool. “When we do focus groups and surveys and actually talk to them, we’ve always been told ‘we don’t want to be lectured to,'” said Nabors. “That’s kind of where it all starts. It’s giving them the information that they can go through on their own, using a look and feel that they’re interested in.”

How it Works

The 8-bit game, similar to the visuals of Minecraft, is customizable. Students choose their avatar, choose its outfit and characteristics, and even pick out the classes and activities they’d like to participate in as they virtually walk through a school day. The game teaches students about various refusal skills and coping strategies as they encounter certain scenarios and make decisions.

“Drug abuse is a huge problem in our society and the more information and more education you can provide to students, the more likely they are to make informed decisions and good decisions that will result positively for their health,” said Barb Thayer, executive director at Candor Health Education.

Candor Health has previously worked with Naperville schools for sex education, and hope to introduce the drug education portal as well. The portal also has educational, animated episodes available online. The full series will be up by March or April of this year.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.

photo courtesy: Reflection Software