Friedrich-Jones Luminaries Honor Loved Ones

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Families who lost a loved one in the past year were able to honor their memory with Friedrich-Jones Funeral Home this week.

The Inspiration for the Luminaries

It was the 23rd Annual Memorial Luminary program. Owner Stephanie-Jones Kastelic said years ago she met a woman whose traditions to honor her deceased son inspired the event.

“She would line his grave with luminary bags and ask family members, friends, coaches, and teachers to decorate them to his memory,” she said. “And I thought that would be a wonderful way for us to help families honor their loved ones, for us to continue a relationship with families and to participate with them in the holidays, which are often difficult times.”

Loved ones are invited to decorate luminaries with photos, poems, and notes before walking through the candle-lit yard.

“As I walk around and I see the different people here and all the bags with all the lights on, I wonder, ‘what did that person do?’ or ‘where did that person live?’” said Sharonlynn Matus, who was there to honor her husband.

Virtual Ceremony

And this year, Friedrich-Jones also offered a virtual element so that those who didn’t feel comfortable attending in person could still experience the luminaries from home.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.


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