Halloween Nights Lights Turns Centennial Beach Into a Spooky Sight

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Due to COVID-19, holidays like Halloween will look different this year. But the Naperville Park District is adjusting to the times and introducing a new event “Halloween Nights Lights”, which follows current health guidelines.

“We have the Halloween Happening event that we typically run every  year, and due to the current situation with the pandemic we have opted to do the drive-thru,” said Andrea Coates, the superintendent of recreation at the Naperville Park District. “We’ve taken a lot of the scenery from our Halloween Happening and just transformed them into a drive-thru at Centennial Beach.”

Part of the beach’s parking lot was decked out with creepy and scary Halloween sights including a grave yard.

“In the middle [of the parking lot] is our cemetery,” said Coates. “We got a couple of volunteers in creepy characters for us that are just walking through. There are some funny sayings on the headstones.”

Aside from the spooky sights, Halloween Nights Lights also gave out some goodie bags.

“We also have above and beyond the sponsors bags goodie bags, we also have our own goodie bags with some treats and prizes,” said Coates.

Over 100 community members attended the free event, which featured tons of Halloween wonders from 5:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

If available, registration is on the Naperville Park District’s website.

Coates said the best time to attend is when the sun goes down, but no matter when community members decide to go they would have a good time.

“Just being able to be with your family in your own car, you have a sense of being able to enjoy this, but do it safely,” said Coates.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.


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