Haunted Halloween House

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Giant jack-o-lanterns, smoke bubbles, and a “bone-fire” make this house a spooky sight.

Naperville resident Greg Wyland has slowly built up his collection of Halloween decorations to become one of the scariest houses in the area.

“We’ve just kind of over the years done more and more. Started off small and just kind of added to it as we’ve gone on,” said Wyland. “My wife and I always liked Halloween. We just kind of wanted to give the family something fun to look back on.”

The swinging skeleton uses a motor to constantly move back and forth. But the hardest part of the whole display was actually the window boards.

“They’re basically made out of one-inch-thick foam board,” said Wyland. “It’s pink foam board in 4×8 sheets and I just carved with a box cutter and I did further detail with a wood burner and then painted them. So it’s kind of a lot of steps but I was happy with the end product.”

The lights, music, and projector in the window complete the display that has all the trick-or-treaters leaving with a smile.

But don’t expect a similar display for any other holidays.

“We don’t have the storage for other holidays. We have enough creative space for one holiday.”

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.