Holiday Lights Shine Bright in Downtown Naperville

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With the final details set into place, Downtown Naperville’s streets are sparkling with holiday lights and many of them this year are LED.

“So there are about five different sizes of trees that we’ve wrapped. The smallest tree has 300 bulbs [and] the largest has 1250 bulbs. And the large ones- everything is LED so they pull less than half an amp of power,” explained Sara Basch, the director of design and marketing for Holiday Creations.

For over a week, crews with Holiday Creations Lights were hard at work wrapping 173 tree trunks, hanging 1190 spritzers, and putting a walk through ornament into place.

“The bigger trees take about three hours,” said Basch. “We wrap the trunks, go up into the branches, individually wrap a few of the branches, and then hang the spritzers, try to make that look even and separate enough so that there will be enough light on the tree, and then they also connect the power, so that takes a bit to run the power lines, make sure everything’s hidden and won’t cross through any sidewalks so everyone can walk through safely.”

Working with holiday creations were subcontractors like Spruce It Up Landscaping who helped set up favorites like the 3D décor.

“The guys are picking up big concrete blocks and we take them and put them inside each flowerbed where an ornament is going, and underneath all these ornaments there’s going to be a bracket that they drill in so it becomes one piece so it can’t fly away. So we got some stars, a couple presents, there are ornaments, and I think that’s it,” said Nick Miller, owner of Spruce it up Landscaping.

Thirteen décor pieces light up Van Buren and Chicago Avenue, while the city put their finishing details with some pine in the flowerbeds.

“It’s actually really cool, that’s one of the reasons I actually enjoy doing this is I bring my little nephews out here and they run around,” added Miller. “And these things to us they’re small but to them they’re the biggest things in the world. So that’s fun and cool.”

This is the second year Holiday Creations Lights put up the lights in Downtown Naperville.

You can enjoy it all now through February, as Naperville is lit top to bottom in holiday lights.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.