Holiday Scavenger Hunt Underway In Downtown Naperville

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The scavenger hunt in downtown Naperville is on, as holiday elves and Chanukah menorahs are hidden throughout a number of participating businesses. It’s some holiday fun courtesy of the Downtown Naperville Alliance.

“We do the holiday elf scavenger hunt annually,” said Danielle Tufano, executive director of the Downtown Naperville Alliance. “It’s a great way for families to come to downtown Naperville, go around to our different merchants, and find the elves hiding in windows, on counters, and throughout the merchants. A great way to get people into stores, shops, and restaurants and have some fun downtown.”

Menorahs Added to This Year’s Scavenger Hunt

The Chanukah menorahs are a new addition this year, spreading some fun to those who celebrate Chanukah.

“We wanted to be a little more inclusive and add a little more texture to our downtown this year,” said Tufano. “And so we added a menorah scavenger hunt. So just like our elf scavenger hunt, we have menorahs hidden throughout our downtown. So if you go around with your family and search for the elves, you can also search for menorahs.”

Maps and additional clues of businesses hiding the elves and Chanukah menorahs can be found on the Downtown Naperville Alliance website. 

Scavenger Hunt Information

Participants who complete the scavenger hunt may receive a reward for their efforts. 

“You can turn in your completed scavenger hunt map to our office here at 55 South Main Street, Suite 355, and we’ll pick a couple of winners and send them some gift cards. Our partner Chabad here in downtown Naperville, if you mail them your scavenger hunt map that’s completed, they have some prizes for completed maps as well,” said Tufano.

The Scavenger Hunt in downtown Naperville is now underway and will continue until December 27. 

Naperville News 17’s Marcel Francis reports.

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