How to Prevent a Burglary in Naperville

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The Naperville Police Department hosted two burglary prevention forums as a part of its “A Safer Naper” campaign.

“Lock your property up,” said NPD Crime Prevention Specialist Jim Pacetti. “A little saying we came up with, you only have to lock up the things you want to keep.”

Making your house unattractive to burglars is often as easy as that, according to Naperville police.

“Make sure doors are locked on the house, on the cars. Lockers if you’re at the gym somewhere. Lock your property up. If you’re trying to deter someone, don’t make it easy for them,” Pacetti added.

Other Tips

If you’re looking to further discourage criminals from targeting your house, there are plenty of other tips to keep in mind.

Make sure your windows and doors are visible from the street and don’t post on social media when you go on vacation.

Partners in Crime Prevention

Police also announced a new partnership with video doorbell company “Ring,” which would allow them to analyze crime trends for different neighborhoods in Naperville, as well as identify suspects in the area of burglaries.

“When they start posting it on [Ring], we can see all the trends and they’re notifying neighbors right away. And as far as the police department, we can then contact them. If we see something, we can go through the company to email the person who posted that video to get the evidence to have for court,” said Pacetti.

For more tips on preventing burglaries, you can visit the “A Safer Naper” webpage on the City of Naperville’s website.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.