Kennedy Junior High School teacher celebrates her Leap Day birthday

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This week at Kennedy Junior High School, it’s business as usual for gym teacher Kathleen Fedderly.

But on Thursday, she’ll celebrate a special occasion that only comes around once every four years.

“One thing about a Leap Year birthday is (that) I’ve come across many people in my life, and they tend to remember your birthday because it’s just a weird birthday,” said Fedderly. “There are so many people out there that contact me that I don’t hear from every year for my birthday. So it’s always great to talk to people that you haven’t talked to in a long time.”

Fedderly says she doesn’t like to bring too much attention to her unique birthday, but her extended family always comes out for the Leap Year celebration.

“My family has always treated my birthday on the 28th because every kid deserves a birthday every year, right?” said Fedderly. “When it’s been an actual Leap Year, we usually just tend to go out to dinner and more of the family will come with (us) instead of just my immediate family.”

Fedderly’s favorite memory from birthday celebrations

Back in college, Fedderly’s friends helped celebrate her 21st – or five-and-a-quarter – birthday in style.

“So they thought it was funny to go Chuck E. Cheese because I was only five and that’s something that I should have loved to do,” said Fedderly. “So we went, jumped around, and had a great time.” 

Fedderly has spent all 33 years of her career at Kennedy as a gym teacher and coach. She plans on retiring at the end of next school year, which means Thursday will mark her last Leap Day as a teacher.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if I come in and they have the office decorated with balloons and streamers and whatnot,” said Fedderly. “But every year is different, so you never know.”

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