Kenneth Moy DuPage Care Center

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The DuPage County Convalescent Center in Wheaton has a new name.

It’s now called the Kenneth Moy DuPage Care Center after former County Board member and Judge Ken Moy.

Besides being the first elected Asian-American to county government in the state of Illinois, Moy recently donated $2 million to the center which cares for seniors and disabled adults.

He encouraged others to do their part to strengthen the mission of the center in order to better the lives of those who use it.

“We can continue to give the services, encouragement and help that is needed to make their final days on this earth something to remember,” said Moy.

For state officials who were in attendance, that means ensuring a budget is passed in Springfield to help support the center and the majority of its residents who are on Medicaid.

“We’re $11 or $12 billion in unpaid bills. These are vendors and people like the Care Center that provide incredible care to people and they haven’t been paid, so there’s something awful about that and it’s high time we get it fixed,” explained Illinois State Senator, Michael Connelly.

Moy’s $2 million donation will be used for renovations and enhancements to the Care program.

The Care Center has been in operation since 1888.

Naperville News 17’s Alyssa Bochenek reports.