Kids Race at the Junior Tour de Naperville

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Junior Tour de Naperville

Gears clicked and wheels spun as kids took the locks off their bikes and gathered in Commissioners Park on Saturday morning for the eighth annual Junior Tour de Naperville.

The Naperville Park District sponsored race is a celebration of young bike riders who have spent the summer peddling around town.

“We initially were just going to do a one time event, but it’s turned into a multi year event –great participation, the kids have a wonderful time, so that’s why we continue to run this event,” said Program Manager of Naperville Park District, Fred Gusel.

The Race

As the young cyclists lined up at the starting line, helmets were clicked and brakes were double checked while the kids planned their racing strategy.

“I’m looking forward to going very far on the round. I’m planning on going fast but just a little steady so I don’t fall,” said 7-year-old Tia.

More than 80 kids signed up to make the mile and a half long trek around the park.

“I’m excited to finally ride my bike for the longest time I think I’ve ever done,” said 7-year-old Martin.

The Winners

While there is no prize for winning, the biker who comes in first gets bragging rights all year until the next Junior Tour de Naperville.

When asked what the best part of riding her bike was, Avery, 5-and-a-half, said, “going fast!”

Naperville News 17’s Peter Hunt Szpytek reports.