Kindness Rocks at the Naperville Public Library

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Kindness rocks. That’s the idea behind a campaign to spread good words around the community.

The Nichols Library recently welcomed students on spring break to participate in the Kindness Rocks Campaign.

They were able to paint rocks with inspirational words and pictures to brighten someone’s day – or just give them a laugh.

“A little inspirational message or something funny can really turn somebody’s day around and just make them feel better about themselves and about whatever is going on in their life and make them smile,” said Kiersten Doucette, Teen Services Librarian with the Nichols Library.

Students could keep the rocks, give them to a friend or hide them somewhere in the community for someone to find.

As you’re walking around Naperville, keep an eye out for the kindness rocks, and if you spot one, you can take it with you, leave it, or paint a new one and replace it.

Naperville News 17’s Beth Bria reports.