Kura Revolving Sushi Bar in Naperville blends Japanese cuisine with modern technology

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A new sushi restaurant has rolled into Naperville.

Kura Revolving Sushi Bar opened its 54th U.S. location at 1211 E. Ogden Ave. Suite 101 in early November.

“Knowing Naperville, it has so many kinds of restaurants. So we really want to be part of the growing diverse restaurants here in Naperville,” said Dustin Crynes, store manager at Kura Revolving Sushi in Naperville.

Food that revolves around you

The restaurant brings a blend of authentic Japanese food with the fun of modern technology. Kura is known for its revolving sushi bar that not only cuts wait times, but also is a gateway to trying what might be a new favorite dish. 

When a customer sees something they want, they simply pinch the covered plate and pick it up.  

They can also order a specific dish on the touchpad to have it sent on the sushi highway. 

To keep selections fresh, a machine pulls items off after two hours. 

Modern technology at the restaurant

Drinks get a mechanical assist…from a robot.

“We call it Kur-B. It goes around the store, it stops at your table, and then delivers your drink. So it’s one of the attractions here at Kura that makes it exciting for all our guests,” said Crynes.

And clean-up is a breeze.

“Once you’re done with the plate, we have a slot that you can just slide it in. Under that slot is a river of water [that] goes through, around on our dish pit and then it has a counter of how many plates that you already consumed,” said Crynes.

Creating an exciting experience

For every 15 plates purchased, the customer gets a Bikkura pon prize, with a gift reflecting the current theme of the restaurant.

The Naperville location also has a drive-thru pick-up window for advanced orders, a first in Kura restaurants. 

But it’s that in-house fun, that Crynes hopes keeps the customers hooked.

“We call it eatertainment when you’re eating and you’re being entertained too. Everything that you need in a great sushi restaurant, we have it in here,” said Crynes.

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