Local Agencies Say No Thank You To Kroehler Mansion

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The Kroehler Mansion has been a staple in Naperville for over 100 years. However, its days could be numbered as its owner Little Friends is considering its demolition.

But, the non-profit has offered it for free to organizations whose mission is conservation. There is a catch, whoever decides to take the building would have to pay to move it.

Who Was Offered The Kroehler Mansion?

“We offered the campus to the [DuPage] Forest Preserve, the [Naperville] Park District, and the Riverwalk. We formally offered the property to the city in negotiations, and it is our belief that the settlement would be the agency to express an interest in that,” said Patrick Skarr, a spokesperson for Little Friends.

Each agency said thanks but no thanks, probably because of the high cost of relocating it. Moving the building just 100 yards would cost $500,000.

What’s Next?

Little Friends now awaits a report by the city on its campus. Once completed, they’ll present their case to demolish Kroehler Mansion to the Historic Preservation Commission.

“We know that Little Friends needs to invest in our people and our programs not this property,” said Skarr. “We’re just seeking approval so we could sell this without any restrictions imposed on us, and move forward with what we believe is in the best interest in our organization.”

Little Friends hope they can present to the HPC in the fall.

They’ll use proceeds from the sale of the property to move to their new facility. For now, that home would be in Warrenville, but if the sale is drawn out the location could change.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.