Meet the Mayors

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Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin and Naperville Mayor Steve Chirico came together at Metea Valley High School to answer questions from students.

This “Meet the Mayors” panel was an effort to get students engaged with the government during a time when there are no elections.

“What a better way than to ask both mayors to come to school and answer questions from students,” said Susan Fuhrer, a government teacher at MVHS.

Whether students came prepared with serious questions for each mayor – from the challenges that Aurora faces to the decision to landmark Old Nichol’s Library – or with a fun question like “what three things would you bring on a deserted island?” They were engaging with their local leaders.

“I think local government is what affects you the most so I think learning about it will help you better your own city, community, county,” said MVHS senior Taylor Dancy.

Naperville News 17’s Blane Erwin reports.