Meson Sabika in Naperville holding fundraiser to benefit Maui wildfire victims

Burned out buildings from Maui wildfire
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Meson Sabika in Naperville will be holding a fundraiser for the victims of the Maui wildfires on Tuesday, September 5.

The Spanish tapas-style restaurant will donate 100% of its sales that day to the American Red Cross, to be used in their disaster relief efforts for those affected by the inferno.

Maui wildfires devastate the island

The fires in Maui ignited on August 8. The fires took the lives of at least 114, with that number expected to rise. That makes it the deadliest wildfire in modern U.S. history. Hundreds more remain missing.

The blaze devastated the port city of Lahaina. Hawaii Governor Josh Green said that at least 2,200 structures were destroyed, and another 500 damaged in the fire.

Finding a way to help

An email sent by Meson Sabika notes that Maui “has been a happy place for many of us and our family.”

Dining reservations on September 5 can be made through the restaurant’s website. Hours that day will be 11:30 a.m. through 9:00 p.m.

A history of giving

Meson Sabika has a history of giving back. Their website has a page dedicated to social responsibility, which says their monetary donations in recent years have exceeded $1.4 million.

Besides hosting a number of fundraisers, and donating products and services to a number of events and organizations, the restaurant also holds a free annual Thanksgiving dinner for those in need.

Photo credit: Javier Cantellops

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