More Information Added to Moser Tower Structural Report

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The City of Naperville held a press briefing about the state of Moser Tower, now with a draft addition to the 2017 structural assessment, confirming that the building is in need of repairs to fix corrosion and concrete deterioration.

The 2017 report included repair options as high as $3.5 million, and while this new report doesn’t have any specific costs, it will allow for a more accurate estimate as the Riverwalk Commission discusses whether or not to repair the tower.

“What needs to be done immediately, in a couple of years and what [are] the long term needs and what are their costs,” said Riverwalk Commission Chairman Geoff Roehll. “Those are items we’ll put forward in ultimately a recommendation to city council.”

If action is not taken, the structure will continue to deteriorate and require more costly and significant repairs – but for the time being it’s structurally sound and in serviceable condition.

“At certain critical locations they cut away the surface concrete and looked at the existing concrete and steel embedments and were able to get the better idea of the condition,” said Bill Novack, director of TED for the City of Naperville. “Personally for me as I was looking at it, much more positive than when we were looking at the surface before the addendum.”

The Riverwalk Planning Design and Construction Committee will discuss the report at their October 2 meeting, the Riverwalk Commission will begin discussions at the October 10 meeting.

The draft addition can be viewed in full on the city’s website.

Naperville News 17’s Blane Erwin reports.