Mother Daughter Duo Bring Barbershop to Naperville

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When walking into Chopper’s barbershop you may be surprised to see two women holding the clippers.

“And when you’re a female in a men’s dominated industry you got to be a beast, you got to kill it, otherwise they’re not going to take you seriously. Barbering is typically for men and so when they walk in here and they see we’re not just barbers, we’re barbers and stylists,” explained Nia Fabulous, COO and manager of Chopper’s.

And they’re also mother and daughter.

“It might be intimidating to some people and some people say you know you don’t want to go into business with family or whatever but the truth is I couldn’t have done it without her and that’s coming from the heart,” said Joann Zuganelis, owner of Chopper’s and Nia’s mother.

One year ago the two brought Joann’s lifelong dream of a men’s hair salon to Naperville. It was a business Nia was proud to be a part of.

“So I started doing hair when I was 17 years old just because I wanted to be just like my mom,” said Nia. “And I think that after a few years we just realized that at the end of the day no one’s ever going to have your back like your family does. But when this opportunity came up and it was go time for me and my mom. I think we were both a little nervous, I mean we’re both Greek and we’re both grown now, I’m not just the little girl anymore, it’s like two women in business together. But I think when the opportunity came we were both just ready to make the move and give it our heart and soul.”

Nia cuts hair and manages the shop while her mom handles the business side and anything else that may pop up.

“I like to say my mom is everything I need her to be. So she’s either my assistant or she’s out here meeting everybody, talking with everybody, creating relationships which I think is huge,” she added.

Making this mother daughter duo, one cut above the rest.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.