Musical duo lifts spirits at Edward Heart Hospital

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Founding conductor of NaperVoice, Philip Spencer, has been volunteering his time at Edward Heart Hospital, putting his talents on display.

“I had noticed that there was a piano sitting in the lobby here, and I thought that would be a cool place to play. So, I approached the volunteer department just to ask some questions, and the volunteer director, Cynthia Brooks, shoved some papers into my hand that very day, and I said, I’m just here for some information. She said, well, as long as you’re here, you might as well fill out some paperwork. And next thing I knew, I was planning to start,” said Spencer.

The start of the duo

Spencer has been playing the piano since he was five years old. He started volunteering at the hospital in March of last year as a soloist, until one day, Dr. David Kim walked by.

“He stopped by the piano one day, lab coat on, the uniform, and so forth. And he asked for a specific request of a song in a specific key. So, I thought, well, this is very interesting that he’s asking for a specific key. I wonder why that is. So next thing I knew, he started to sing a little bit. A crowd gathered, some of the staff as well, and the ears of the people in the lobby were perking up a little bit,” said Spencer.

Dr. David Kim making his voice heard

Dr. Kim is a cardiologist at the hospital. He’s been singing and playing the piano since he was seven years old. When he first heard Spencer playing the piano, something about it touched his heart.

“I think I was coming out of a procedure one day and I was walking down the steps, and I heard something different. The piano was alive. Phil’s at the Keys and he was playing some really good music. So, I took the time to stop and mustered up the courage to introduce myself. And we had a conversation. And part of that conversation led to a couple of songs together, and it was a lot of fun,” said Dr. Kim.

A regular partnership at the hospital

The new duo has become a regular fixture at the hospital, when Dr. Kim’s schedule allows.

“I think the opportunity just to make music together here and that there haven’t been people that have, put up the red flag on that. It’s a great opportunity here, and it is a real kind of unexpected opportunity. It brings me a lot of joy and fulfillment in my days when we can collaborate,” said Dr. Kim.

Spreading happiness to those listening

The duo anything from jazz to pop, or even ballads, in hopes of spreading cheer to hospital staff and patients.

“I hope I can make their stressful day just a little bit better, maybe by giving them a way to pass the time or reminding them that there are some beautiful things in the world, including the work that’s done by all of the physicians and staff members here,” said Spencer.

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