Naper Pride

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A newly formed community group hopes to promote inclusivity and celebrate LGBTQ initiatives in Naperville.

About Naper Pride

Naper Pride is a family-centered, Naperville focused group, all about providing resources for both the general public and local LGBTQ community members.

“Because everyone knows the Pride flag, our logo also has the trans colors on it as well at the top of the N. It also has the colors at the bottom of the N for people of color and things like that. So our logo right off the bat is promoting that inclusivity of everyone, trying to make sure that everyone is there for it,” explained Joshawa Stell, a technology specialist for Naper Pride.

Inspiration for Group

The organization was motivated by area groups like Aurora Pride.

But other factors like Naperville’s low ranking on the Human Rights Campaign, a LGBTQ advocacy group, were also part of the formation.

“There have always been people here, they just didn’t feel like they could be out,” said Naper Pride’s Public Information Officer Denika McMillen. “And now there are definitely a lot more people in the LGBT community having families. And [they] have the same wishes and wants as any family – to make sure their kids are getting a good education, their safety, and everybody feels welcome.”

What’s to Come

Naper Pride has a number of events lined up this year, such as a movie marathon, an interfaith service, and a health and wellness fair.

You can check out Naper Pride’s website or their Facebook page for more details about their events or how to get involved.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.