Naper Settlement opens “Inspiring Curiosity” art exhibit

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Paintings and sculptures from Naperville Art League fill the Pre-Emption House at Naper Settlement for its latest art display “Inspiring Curiosity.”

“Inspiring Curiosity is our newest exhibit at Naper Settlement, and it’s a collaboration with the Naperville Art League,” said Jeanne Schultz Angel, Associate Vice President at Naper Settlement. “It’s a way for people in Naperville to come and view some of the amazing artists that are from Naperville as part of the art league.”

Inspired artists

Inspiring Curiosity is the first rotating gallery of 2023 at Naper Settlement, featuring 60 vibrant works by artists who used a variety of mediums of art and methods.

“We have some 3D art items on display here, as well as all different types of materials,” said Schultz Angel. “We have oil on canvas, we have drawings, we have fabric materials. So there’s a lot of different ways that the artist approached this topic. Around each piece of art, you have a board underneath that the artist gets to explain what inspiring curiosity meant to them. When they think about curiosity, what image was conjured up.”

Schultz Angel and Naper Settlement were excited to partner with the Naperville Art League for this project.

“It was about reaching out to the Naperville Art League and saying ‘Hey we’ve got some space, would you guys be willing to do something around curiosity?’ They were so open and welcoming to the idea, and we were absolutely thrilled to partner with them,” said Schultz Angel.

Interpretation of curiosity

Inspiring Curiosity won’t stick around for long. After April 7, Naper Settlement will usher in a new exhibit in the Pre-Emption house.

“Curiosity is really a broad theme,” said Schultz Angel. “The great thing about this is every artist is an individual. So as you’re looking around the room, you can see what the theme meant to that particular artist.”

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