Naper Settlement’s Candy Exhibit

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Milky Ways, Tootsie Rolls, and many more famous treats are now available at Naper Settlement. Well at least the candy’s history is.

“Sweet Home Chicago: The History of America’s Candy Capital” is a traveling exhibit that shows the history of windy city’s tasty history.

About The Candy Exhibit

“This exhibit sort grounds you in the story that Chicago is this capitol of the candy industry and it really goes by company by company talking about what products they developed,” said Director of Innovation and Experience at Naper Settlement Lance Tawzer.

Old Candy Company in Naperville

One of the companies shown at the exhibit is Naperville’s old candy company, Amurol Confections. The once famous bubblegum manufacturer eventually left Naperville, but made its mark with a distinctive scent.

“A lot of people remember especially when they started making grape bubble gum it permeated the neighborhood. People even just driving by the factory would get a [smell] of it,” said Tawzer.

Amurol Confections was also known for its sugarless gum, and believe it or not its toothpaste.

Naper Settlement’s Candy Exhibit Extras

The exhibit also features some interactive displays, like the candy bar I.D., where participants guess the chocolate bar based on clues and riddles. But hurry in because it will only be displayed until July 28.

“It’s childhood revisited I think, hopefully some of those feelings will be embodied for our patrons as they experience the exhibit when they leave,” said Tawzer.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports

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