NaperLaunch’s Entrepreneur’s Week 2018

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The Naperville Public Library’s business startup resource center, NaperLaunch, held its fifth annual entrepreneur’s week.

“We try to do is help people just sort of imagine ‘what can my business be and how can it be better, how can I make it successful, how can I make it grow?’”

The week of workshops featured women’s founders night, focused on three women who operate local businesses. Dawn Hershik operates a business as a franchisee, Kandice Henning founded a not-for-profit organization, and Suzy Chang built a new business from scratch.

The presenters shared their experiences breaking into the business world and gave their top tips to folks in the audience.

“Not every body is a good client. That was one of the hard lessons for us in the beginning; we took some clients that we probably shouldn’t have. And there are times you have to fire a client,” said Hershik, a managing director of a “Strategic Strategies” franchise.

“Ask for the help, ask for ideas, and ask for money or whatever it is.” And don’t be shy about it. I think we get very shy and we hate to make that ask but again, nothing is going to happen if you don’t make it,” said Henning, the founder and executive director of the Alive Center.

“And what really creates success is just being really good at what you do and selling that because people buy what you’re selling. Trying to be everything for everyone doesn’t service you and it doesn’t get you any more clients,” said Chang, the owner of Alfresco Photo Booth.

The two other Entrepreneur’s Week workshops gave tips on using marketing video to promote your business and how to start a not-for-profit.

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Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.