Naperville Area Humane Society Seeks Expansion

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The current Naperville Area Humane Society building was built 30 years ago, and updates are needed to continue the organization’s mission.

“What we’re trying to do is raise money so we can expand the shelter,” said Director of Animal Care Michelle Lenz. “The more lives we can save, you know that’s why we’re here.”

Major Changes

Renovations will include pushing the building out to the parking lot to double the size of the cat space, add eight more dog kennels, and build new areas like a surgical suite and a community room.

“We’re going to have a community room so that our humane educator can have the kids programs in a separate room instead of in our lobby with people walking around,” said Lenz. “We’ll be able to do all kinds of things in that community room – host birthday parties and do some dog interactions and dog play space when the weather is poor outside.”

Involving the Public

In all, the Naperville Area Humane Society estimates the renovations will cost $1.5 million, and the non-profit is hoping private donors will help them reach that goal.

“We want to get the community involved as much as possible,” said Lenz. “We’re not sure yet when we’re going to break ground. We hope to break ground by the end of the year. We’re never going to close so we’ll be working and still trying to save lives while the construction is going on.”

Fundraising for furry friends.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.