Naperville Art Fair pulls in public participation

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For the Naperville community, the 64th annual Fine Arts & Artisan Fair is more than just an opportunity to appreciate art – it’s an opportunity to participate in making art. Presented by the Naperville Woman’s Club, the free event was held at the historic Naperville Settlement and included various activities for all to enjoy.

“I really can’t really think of an art fair off of the top of my head that offers so much for the whole family,” said Susan Stockton of the Naperville Woman’s Club and the Co-Chair of the  Fine Arts & Artisans Fair. “We have the interactive mural, we have activities for kids, musicians, as well as our 110 very talented artists… It’s a lot of work to put together.”

Vandana Jain’s “Bumble Ballet” selected for 2024 interactive mural

For the past several years, the Woman’s Club’s Fine Arts & Artisan Fair has selected a painting for attendees to replicate and incorporate into a larger mural. This year, Vandana Jain’s “Bumble Ballet” was chosen. Jain’s painting will be broken down into 216 8”x8“ square panels so visitors can select a portion of the painting to recreate themselves.

“Bumble Ballet is like a thrilling play showing how we pass around good vibes, just as bumblebees move around pollen from one flower to another,” said Jain. 

According to the artist, her travels and experience growing up in India have helped to influence her work. “I love vibrant colors, and I love nature as well,” Jain said. “And as I’ve traveled to Africa—the landscapes, birds, and animals there sat behind me, and that made me inspired.”

The nature of the interactive mural transforms “Bumble Ballet” from an original piece to a public matter, where everyone can be an artist. 

“What’s really cool about this [mural] is that when they paint the squares, a lot of people will go up and [say] ‘take my picture in front of this square I just painted,’ and they’re really proud of that,” said Stockton. “It’s really great how it’s interactive and gets people involved.”

The artist, Vandana Jain, was “amazed” by seeing people participating in the making of the mural. “It’s a lovely initiative,” Jain said.

Naperville Woman’s Club Fine Arts Fair offers something for all

From glasswork to ceramics and paintings, the Fine Arts & Artisan Fair features over 100 artists from all different backgrounds and influences. Organizers say the two-day event is the longest-running art fair in Illinois and attracts more than just art enthusiasts by hosting various family-friendly activities, such as face painting and live music.

“We feel like musicians are also artists, so we have a steady stream of entertainment lined up for both days,” said Stockton. “I don’t know of many art fairs where they actually have musicians playing.”

The Naperville Woman’s Club has been hosting the show since the 1960’s and hopes to continue the tradition for years to come…bringing the community together through craft, and creativity.

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